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February 22, 2011
– For Immediate Release –

Griffen Mill Pixel Factory and Keith Smeaton are pleased to announce the relaunch of www.keithsmeaton.co.uk. Keith Smeaton is a client of the WebHealer website service, and the website redesign, completed on February 22, 2011 was carried out by Megan, a member of Griffen Mill Pixel Factory using their innovative A La Carte design offering. The A La Carte service is the product of a collaboration with WebHealer who sought a system for producing unique and high quality designs at very low cost, that would appeal to their client base of professional therapists.

Megan of Griffen Mill said "Keith Smeaton was looking for a design with a professional, somewhat understated feel to it, so as not to come across too vibrant. Strong photography is a key feature of the A La Carte service we developed with WebHealer, and the client asked us to create initial options based on people, general nature, abstract and water images. In terms of shape, the look we settled on was to be more flowing and curvy, rather than structured, linear or boxy. As for colour, Keith Smeaton requested Blues. Finally there was a specific request: Healing. more close-up and individual. Same layout and colour as .com More personal image.".

Key Features of the A La Carte service
Although most projects are quick, fine tuning can extend the project, which in this case begain with a consultation on December 2, 2010, and concluded with client sign off 82 later, after 9 rounds of feedback. Keith Smeaton said "I am very happy with my new website design. My pages look cleaner and less cluttered. I enjoyed being able to select my own image to be used at the top of the page, and now the look of the site is exactly to my specification. I am looking forward to an increased interest from those looking for homeopathic treatment.".

To find out more about Griffen Mill Pixel Factory visit www.griffenmill.com or call 0870 757 9878
For more information about Keith Smeaton, contact Keith Smeaton. Telephone: 01737 243601. Email www.keithsmeaton.co.uk/contactform. Website: www.keithsmeaton.co.uk

Notes to editors

Client business summary: Keith Smeaton R.S.Hom.Homeopath in South London and Surrey.

Extended client description: Homeopathy treatment and homeopathic medicine at clinics in Reigate in Surrey and Blackheath in South London, with Homeopath Keith Smeaton. Also offering email consultations.

Client areas of specialism: homeopath south london, homeopathy reigate, homeopathy surrey

About Griffen Mill: A team of freelance designers, working under the name of Griffen Mill Pixel Factory to provide quality assured bespoke and custom design services to clients of WebHealer and other divisions of PHD Interactive Ltd. Within the team are experienced designers from traditional print and graphic design backgrounds, as well as those with web and multimedia expertise. A La Carte projects are a specific design offering created to meet the needs of WebHealer clients.

Update: On April 18th 2013, the 500th A La Carte redesign was completed for a WebHealer client by the team at Griffen Mill Pixel Factory. For more details see the press release www.griffenmill.com/pdf/WEBHEALER_AND_GRIFFEN_MILL_ANNNOUNCE_500_A_LA_CARTE_DESIGNS.pdf