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February 11, 2011
– For Immediate Release –

Griffen Mill Pixel Factory and Total Foot Care are pleased to announce the relaunch of www.total-foot-care.co.uk. Total Foot Care is a client of the WebHealer website service, and the website redesign, completed on February 11, 2011 was carried out by Amanda, a member of Griffen Mill Pixel Factory using their innovative A La Carte design offering. The A La Carte service was devised with website partner WebHealer as a unique approach to affordable website design for the therapist and healthcare marketplace.

Amanda of Griffen Mill said "In my initial consultation with Lynn Andrews it became clear that I needed to create something which had a very individual style to it, something with personality. Strong photography is a key feature of the A La Carte service we developed with WebHealer, and the client asked us to create initial options based on seashore, people and abstract images. In terms of shape, the look we settled on was to be more flowing and curvy, rather than structured, linear or boxy. As for colour, Lynn Andrews requested white/tuquoise/lilacs/purple. Finally there was a specific request: Clinic based chiropody & reflexology. Professional yet warm, friendly & approachable.".

Key Features of the A La Carte service
A key strength of the A La Carte service is fast development, and this project began on February 1, 2011, to be completed to the client's satisfaction only 9 days later. Lynn Andrews at Total Foot Care said "Really very pleased with the new look of my website. It fulfilled the brief to look professional yet friendly; it has a clean look and the colours blend well with my logo. People who find me via the website are very complimentary about its look and contents. Thank you, Amanda.".

To find out more about Griffen Mill Pixel Factory visit www.griffenmill.com or call 0870 757 9878
For more information about Total Foot Care, contact Lynn Andrews. Telephone: 01494 439427. Email www.total-foot-care.co.uk/contactform. Website: www.total-foot-care.co.uk

Notes to editors

Client business summary: Total Foot Care Chiropody in High Wycombe.

Extended client description: Chiropodist based in High Wycombe, offering Chiropody and Complementary Health for Total Foot Care. Based within easy reach of Beaconsfield, Marlow and surrounding areas.

Client areas of specialism: chiropody high wycombe, chiropodist beaconsfield, complementary health marlow

About Griffen Mill: Griffen Mill Pixel Factory is a co-operative of designers, providing a range of design services including print and website design. Fundamental to their offering is the ability to produce high quality design at very competitive prices, which is achieved by working with strategic partner PHD Interactive (parent of the WebHealer service), and using their standard design platform, which takes care of content management and code generation, allowing Griffen Mill to focus solely on design.

Supplementary: On April 18th 2013, Griffen Mill announced that their A La Carte design team had completed its 500th A la Carte Website design. See the joint WebHealer / Griffen Mill Press Release for more details