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Physiotherapy Website Design - Photographs and Images

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This is the Griffen Mill Design Guide to designing websites for pysiotherapists. This section focusses on the use of photographs as well as images such as diagrams or illustrations. Other parts of the guide focus on colour, shape and aesthetic designs and making appropriate content and copywriting decisions. Click to return to the main guide.

Images and Photographs for Physiotherapists

In most cases, a physiotherapist will wish to convey a professional and inviting impression with their website. They will also be looking to emphasise a human touch and give a reassurance that they can bring the client a sense of well being. Depending on the client, some physiotherapists will wish to convey a more therapeutic image, using photographs of clean and professional looking treatment rooms, while others will take a more wellbeing line and opt for images of active and positive people.

(Physiotherapy Website Design | Photographs and Images #02

Sourcing Images for a Physiotherapy Website

You can take them yourself, but these days online image libraries are a fantastic resource of high quality, low cost and immense choice. In fact there are so many images online, that it is useful to experiment with keywords to find just what you are looking for.

The obvious starting point for an image for a physiotherapy website is to search for physiotherapy, or physiotherapist. However depending on how the photographer has tagged their image, it may not find everything that you may be looking for. Try searching for massage or treatment perhaps. The other approach you can take is to type in mood keywords such as relaxing, as the emotional content of the website is all important. Once you have found an image that is close to what you are looking for, there may also be an option to 'see more like this', which will show you similar images that might just hit the mark.

A short list of words you might try for a physiotherapist may include: treatment, medical, anatomy, health, massage, healing, calm, holistic, reflex, balance, well-being, relaxing, therapy.

We often use Shutterstock for images for physiotherapy websites, as we find they have a good range of high quality photographs.

Example Images for Physiotherapy

Finally, we have included below a number of typical images we might use with a physiotherapy website. These images are not intended for you to copy and reuse, in fact there are likely to be copyright problems with you doing that. However we have included commentary on how we feel these images suit a physiotherapy website, so that you can take inspiration from them and find your own individual images.

(Physiotherapy Website Design | Photographs and Images #03

Back Pain

This is a classic physiotherapy website image. It shows a man indicating back pain. The image works well to display the nature of a physiotherapists work. This image has a dark background tone beside a stronger red colour, which must only be used within a website design of a similar colour palette for it to work harmoniously.

(Physiotherapy Website Design | Photographs and Images #04

Delicate Treatment

This image has a much more gentle appeal. With a lighter overall appearance this image can be used within almost any colour scheme that a physiotherapist might base their website design upon. It also displays the hands-on approach to a physiotherapists work.

(Physiotherapy Website Design | Photographs and Images #05

Soothing Hands

Such as the previous image, this one shows a treatment taking place. It is important to remember, when designing for a physiotherapist, how the images will fit with the overall colour scheme of the website, so that the colours within the image should complement the palette used for the whole site. This ensures that images used do not clash against the overall design, but illustrate and inform effectively.

(Physiotherapy Website Design | Photographs and Images #06

Active Lady

Not all images used within physiotherapy website design will be of patients discomfort or of treatments taking place. It can be very beneficial to place images of active or happy people within the design, to give a more positive and uplifting appeal that the practitioners work aims to aid.

Example Physiotherapy Websites

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