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Bespoke Design Case Study for Complementary Therapy Client

Gill Marshall

On May 14, 2015 we completed a bespoke design project for this complementary therapy client.

About the Client

Gill Marshall is a Homeopath based in Forest Row near East Grinstead and Crawley in East Sussex. She has over 15 years of experience and works with patients of any age.

Summary of Client Requirement

Gill had a logo that she wanted to use in the heading area of her website. It had a clear graphic, some text and used 2 colours.

Design Considerations

Gill’s logo included text and as search engines cannot read text in images, I needed to check with Gill if she would be happy for the text to be removed and be placed into the heading area. This way she could benefit from having her logo graphic and would not lose any optimisation boost.

Client Testimonial

"I had been aware that my website was beginning to look a little old-fashioned, despite updating it over the last couple of years to include my practice logo and to make it mobile friendly. The logo on white design option enabled me to retain these features but give it a much more modern feel. In my opinion, this is much more than an aesthetic benefit – it also conveys the impression of a vibrant therapist who keeps up to date. Becky handled this redesign professionally, responding promptly to my requests for amendments during the process and also offering advice, such as how to make the heading work best for search engine optimisation. The design process was simple for me and I am very pleased with the resulting site."


Primary areas of focus: Forest Row, East Grinstead, Crawley, Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath East Sussex.

Designer: Becca Lister.

Project completed: May 14, 2015
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New Stuff

We've been thinking hard over the Summer about how we can help more PHD Interactive clients get access to high quality unique design without incurring the costs that tend to accompany bespoke design. There is our Silver Design service of course which is very popular and costs only 39 but PHD Interactive challenged us to come up with something else - something even better!

And so we have. We are putting finishing touches now to our Silver Gallery service. The Silver Gallery is a collection of pre-made designs, each created by an experienced designer. Clients will be able to preview their PHD Interactive website using any of these designs and choose the one they like best. Each design will be unique so once it has been chosen and paid for, no one else can have it. The cost? All we can say for now is that you will like it.

Recent Client Work

“I am very happy with how the design and logo has turned out. I appreciate your help in all this and am happy to endorse the work you have done in the context of a Testimonial. I look forward to receiving more enquiries with regard to my Counselling Services, and would certainly recommend you as someone to help with this. ” See full case study