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BrowserStack Analysis of Google Web Fonts

As the number of devices available for accessing web pages proliferates, web based fonts are becoming increasingly important to ensure consistent font styles. A good open source solution for web fonts is the Google Fonts library, but nothing is perfect, and even with best practice web design we're observing niggly quirks in how these fonts render.

Explanation of Quirks

Here are the main quirks we're coming across:
  • The <br><br> problem. This is where two consecutive <br> instructions seem to get merged and don't produce an extra line break. Although its not pretty HTML to use in the first place, there are times when it gets used.
  • Faux italics. Even if you load a font file including properly designed italics, the browser sometimes gets confused and retrieves only the normal style to which it applies a slant to fake an italic style. This is usually quite ugly compared to the genuine italic

Quirks Observed by platform

Google FontQuirkComment
Crimson TextXP IE6: no BRBR without adding &nbsp;
XP IE7: no BRBR without adding &nbsp;

VollkornXP IE6: faux italics, no BRBR without adding &nbsp;
XP IE7: faux italics, no BRBR without adding &nbsp;
Win7 IE8: faux italics

LoraNo IssuesA very useful serif font, with nice rendering and good hinting
PT SansNo IssuesA nice reliable sans font
CabinNo IssuesA nice alternative to gothic sans

Additional implementation notes

If you're trying to replicate the issues we're seeing, you'll need to know the environment we were using. This was on an HTML 4 page rendering in standards mode. Also to avoid additional italics issues, we implemented the IE7 / IE8 Faux fonts fix as documented in Smash Magazine.
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