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Example Designs

Although our bigger more complex projects tend to be for strategic partners such as WebHealer, the majority of our design work comes from small business commissions. Our typical clients are sole practitioners, and a great many of these are therapists, such as counsellors or reflexologists. We've listed a few examples on this page. Not all the examples are of unique bespoke work however, as many clients on a tight budget ask us to make small customisations of standard designs, and we will include some of these on this page to illustrate the flexibility we offer. Finally, to complete the picture, some of the examples are of clients of our strategic partners who are using uncustomised stock designs which we have not customised in any way, although we have been responsible for creating the stock design in the first place.

Maggie Jameson’s psychotherapy and counselling website is one of WebHealer’s standard mobile friendly designs that has been self-customised. Maggie has opted for silver and blue colours which is a great colour scheme for a psychotherapy website as it conveys sensitivity, integrity and trust. She has chosen a feature image of a leaf sat on a rock surrounded by water which complements this colour scheme and also incorporates a natural element which helps to bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to the site. The image of the therapist on the left hand side balances the home page nicely and her choice of clothing ensures consistency with the colour palette. These notes are based on observations of Maggie's website on October 17th, 2015.

Palace Gate Counselling is counselling service which has operated on a largely voluntary basis since 1994 in the Exeter Area. As a large organisation of counsellors they were seeking a bespoke design with a more distinctive look.
Positive Outcome Therapy is a counselling, hypontherapy and NLP practice located in Exeter, and have customised our Chequers colourMAX design with their own logo to make a stylish and individual design.
Sara Riseborough is using one of our A La Carte customised designs for her counselling and psychotherapy website. The client was looking for a thought provoking image from nature to headline the design, combined with a complementary colour scheme, and one of the Griffen Mill team created this design from her requirements. See it at
Sophie Waterhouse uses art therapy in her counselling and psychotherapy, so part of the aim of this redesign was to put that across, through colour and shape. The use of a colourful peacock feather provided a good basis for the design.
West London Counselling and Hypnotherapy have selected one of our older designs, called Seashore. This comes with only basic colour customisation, although this client has maintained the defaults. To find out more about this counselling and hypnotherapy practice visit
Yoga Therapy London chose one of the Griffen Mill team to create a bespoke design for them. This is an elegant but simple design echoing the curvy and organic flower inspired nature of their yoga logo. See their website and read more about their yoga therapy at

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New Stuff

With the recent launch of Active Images, PHD Interactive have added a great facility to their website editor that we recommend clients make use of. It aids navigation and provides us designers with a great tool to engage visitors and encourage them to take a look at what's on offer... ideally resulting in an enquiry, subscription or some form of action. The website editor includes some free 'call to action' graphics (such as the one opposite) and we're also enjoying making custom graphics for our clients. Get in touch if you'd like us to make something for you.

Recent Client Work

“David made the whole process of upgrading my website to silver very easy to do. Since I have little technological ability he made the process easy to understand. The emails I received from him were prompt and courteous. I felt reassured that my business needs to promote my website were being handled in a professional manner. ” See full case study