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HEX Colour Picker, Web Color Picker, Online Colour Picker, Colour Scheme Designers? What are they and how can they help?

We all know the importance of colour when designing graphics for the web and for print... but what is the best way to pick colors and are there any tools that can help our choice?

We'll I'm pleased to say yes there is and we have reviewed 3 of our favourite online colour picking tools below. These colour pickers/choosers are 100% FREE! You can create colour palettes, use colour wheels and create themes simply, visually and quickly.

These tools also display the HEX values of the colours so that you can paste them directly into graphic or web design programs directly. In short these colour pickers are a great way to start a project or mood board and build up a strong colour schemes and branding alternatives from the very start.

(Colour Picker #01

Color Wizard - Colour Scheme Editor

Color Wizard is a color picking application for anyone who wants to pick matching colours to create a strong theme

What is it?

Color Wizard is visual and easy to use colour picking application. If your in doubt and you don't know which colour to choose or which colours compliment each other... well then this is the tool for you! It offers a range of settings where you can test different hue, saturations and tints! It also has more in depth picking suggestions like: monocromatic, analogous, triadic, complimentary and split complimentary.. if this sounds a bit complex don't worry as these options are visual and show the matched colours so just pick visually.

Click here to use Color Wizard!


(Colour Picker #02

Adobe Kuler - Professional Colour Picking at it's finest?

Adobe Kuler feels like an industry colour picking software rather than a online picking colour application.

What is it?

Adobe Kuler offers a a large dimmed working environment enabling you to pick precise colour styles in numerous ways. Kulers great benefit has to be how professional it feels whilst also supporting more experimental colour picking methods (such as its pulse feature where you can see and pick the most popular colours that have been selected worldwide). You can create an account for free if you would like to save your colour selections online and then you can use Kuler as your online 1-stop colour picking resource tool and community!

Click here to use Adobe Kuler


(Colour Picker #03

Color Scheme Designer - A Color Picker with a difference!

Color Scheme Designer can export your chosen colours directly to .CSS files, Photoshop palettes and much more. It can even show you how colours are viewed with different levels of colour blindness!

What is it?

Color Scheme Designer offerings are similar to Kulers minus some of the frills and the community. You can select a variety of colour schemes and tweak with precise tools. This colour picker also has a random selection button but I feel it's main benefit is how quickly you can pick colours and build a palette to export directly into your graphic or web design program.

Color Scheme Designer also has a quirky yet interesting feature which shows how the colours look to people who are colour blind. This is a really neat feature and if accessibility is high up your list of colour picking priorities then this is crucial.

Click here to use Color Scheme Designer


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