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Shiatsu Website Design - Shape and Aesthetics

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This is the Griffen Mill Design Guide to designing websites for shiatsu practitioners. This section focusses on the use of shape and related aesthetic decisions. Other parts of the guide focus on choosing images, colour and making appropriate content and copywriting decisions. Click to return to the main guide.

Aesthetic choices for shiatsu practitioners

In our experience shiatsu practitioners have a preference for website designs that have a geometric, solid style or only subtle organic elements. Often an shiatsu practitioner will prefer a more angular look that complements a practice logo or a particular image they like. Shiatsu practitioners may wish to offset a very clinical and hard edged design with warm tones and softer images, involving people or nature, that suit the colour scheme.

Below we have shown a few examples of designs we have created, with some commentary explaining the design rationale, which you may find useful in seeking inspiration for your own ideas.

(Shiatsu Website Design | Shape #02

Warm & Inviting

This warm and inviting design has a geometric layout design that provides a clear and easy to use navigation menu along with a smart, professional set up. The header image of a setting sun provides the warm colour scheme to the design, whilst complementing the title swatch at the top left. This is important since there is no company logo, and this space for the company title is clearly defined and inclusive to the overall scheme.

(Shiatsu Website Design | Shape #03

Calm and Professional

The subtle curvy elements within the layout design of this example emphasise the gentle and relaxing nature of a shiatsu practitioners work. Whist a cool and calm image of stones runs through the header area of the layout framework, the design is warmed by complementing colour tones that are easy on the eyes.

(Shiatsu Website Design | Shape #04

Natural Simplicity

This third example shows a shiatsu website design that is based upon a more energetic scheme that includes a brighter range of natural tones. The colour scheme flows from the image through the site within elements such as the headings and emphasised text. The strong image is softened by the gentle curves brought into the layout design within the navigation menu and header break.

Example Shiatsu Websites

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